About Us

Learay help you realise the power of your brand.

As a UK based brand merchandising agency we work with companies by consulting, designing, manufacturing and delivering the products that puts your brand in the front of people’s minds both at home and abroad.

Brand merchandising is not just about having products with your logo on - it's about a carefully selected collection which helps promote your brand and corporate identity in the right way.

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Challenge us!

Your company merchandise says a lot about who you are, and you want it to be the best quality. Challenge us, because Learay can source or custom produce just about any item you desire and make it a reality. From the usual pens, umbrellas & mugs through to custom branded ice buckets, beach towels, quality clothing, workplace uniforms and even custom built USB's. We even assist with international distribution and order fulfillment.

Learay take things a step further by utilising partnerships with established brands such as The North Face, Nike, Moleskine and Carhartt (to name but a few) taking the quality and representation of your business to a whole new level.

With Learay in your corner your brand is in safe hands.